Been to your local library lately?

Growing up in Bulawayo, one of my favourite things to do was visit the public library.  I would get lost in the children's section downstairs and later in my teens use the reference books in the 'big' library.

Bulawayo Public Library
Photo credit: Vuyo Phahlane
Fast forward many years later and there are so many modern alternatives for libraries. Ebooks, audio books and the internet replace the traditional hardcover or paperback. Prices of physical books cost much more than paperless copies, yet for me nothing beats the feel of turning each page.  

So why should you join the library?

  • It's free
  • If you prefer to read electronically, many libraries offer ebooks via apps like Overdrive
  • It exposes you to more variety.  When buying books I'll often select from the top 20 bestsellers, because if I bought a book I didn't like it would be a disappointing (and expensive) mistake.  In a library, you can choose genres you wouldn't usually explore and if you don't enjoy the book, you don't have to finish it!

My local library is the Sir Edmund Hillary Library in Papakura.  It's a different world once you step in off the high street.  Opposite the library entrance is the Papakura Museum, a showcase of local history.

Check out my Instagram @sasha_wills (link in my profile) to see the sheep welcoming us to the library.  Happy reading everyone!


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