Mystery to mull over

I flew to Wellington for work yesterday.  Wellington is absolutely stunning on a sunny day but is renowned for being the windiest city in the world (never mind the odd earthquake!) Luckily I've yet to experience the wrath of the wind whilst visiting.  It was raining when I arrived so the mountains were drowned in misty murk.  It reminded me of a crime scene in one of those old TV mysteries, all that was missing was the eerie music!  Here are 3 of my favourite whodunnit podcasts to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Do you remember what you did at 2pm last Tuesday?  No, me neither.  But can unlocking the events on one day 15 years earlier lead to freedom for Adnan Syed?  You'll be hooked on this cold case.

Apple named Mystery Show the Best New Podcast of 2015.  Solving a mystery without the Internet?  Starlee Kine does just that.  My favourite episode is Case #2 Britney.

I admit that I had no idea who Richard Simmons was before this podcast.  Googling brings up some pretty vivid images!  Where did Richard go?  


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