Podcast of the Week - Ever been scammed?

A few months ago, we started receiving calls on our home landline where the caller tells us our Microsoft Windows account has been compromised and they need us to turn on our computer so they can fix it.  The call centre is based in India and we've had different callers including Rosie and Michael.  At first we played along pretending to start up our computers before telling them that we knew it was a scam, but after a while it became easier to hang up.

I've also recently read about a scam where easy trading on the stock market is advertised and after signing up on the website, aggressive salesmen convince users to transfer money for 'sure thing' deals.  And then... they never hear from them again.

We definitely need to be extra careful these days, it is so easy to be caught off guard.

I was delighted to listen to this week's podcast episode of Reply All by Gimlet Media.  You can listen to the podcast hereThe show description outlines it perfectly:
This week, a telephone scammer makes a terrible mistake.
This is investigative journalism at its best, please let me know if you enjoyed it too!


Mr. Williams said…
Loved this podcast! Thanks for sharing! :-)

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