Best Cafes in Avarua, Rarotonga

Avarua is the main township in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.  Here are the best 3 cafes to get a coffee or iced drink.

The Cafe
Located in the Courtyard of the lovely Beachcomber Pearl Market.  Only You by the Platters was playing on the gramophone and we basked in the sun while sipping our tea.

The Cafe, Avarua

The Love Cafe
This little cafe is actually in Matavera, the district east of Avarua but definitely worth a visit.  Everything is made out of 'love' and the iced drinks are delicious!
The Love Cafe

Sometimes when you're away on holiday all you want is something familiar.  The New Place serves delicious bagels and salads with great service.
The New Place


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