The Flat White

Ok, so we all know that Friday is Chai Day but today we're going to talk about coffee.

When we moved to New Zealand last year it was clear that coffee culture was strong.  As strong as the coffee itself (the standard serving is a double shot).  In Auckland city centre there is a coffee shop on almost every corner, serving L'Affare, Red Rabbit, and Five Elements amongst others.

Kiwis love their Flat Whites - a double shot of espresso with microfoamed milk (milk steamed to create frothed milk with tiny bubbles).  It is highly debated whether the Flat White originated in New Zealand or Australia but it is a staple in both countries (personally I'd say New Zealand (Aotearoa), after all it is the land of the long white cloud).  The drink is so popular that even Starbucks introduced it to their menu in 2015.  Other Kiwi favourites are the short black(espresso) or the long black (espresso with hot water).

Here are my favourite places in Auckland CBD to grab a coffee...

1. Federal & Wolfe  
A trendy cafe hidden on the corner of Federal and Wolfe Streets.

Federal & Wolfe

2. Mojo Exchange Lane 
Hidden in Exchange Lane, a retrieve from the hustle and bustle of Queen Street. 


3. Remedy 
My happy place, eclectic with a chilled out atmosphere.  Try their delicious avocado smash while you're there.
Avo smash from Remedy

4. Swansons
Coffee and deli sandwiches.  Match made in heaven!

Photo credit: Pixabay


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