What's Your Who?

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a talk by Dame Jenny Shipley, the first female New Zealand Prime Minister.  Dame Jenny shared tips about how she managed her work/life balance while in office, and how women can succeed in the modern workplace.  She also emphasised how important emotional and cultural intelligence are in the workplace. 

Dame Jenny is a very captivating speaker, and a theme that stuck with me was, find your who  It's no longer about what you can do but about who you are and how you do it.  Dame Jenny challenged us to construct an elevator pitch (a 30 second summary of your background) around 'What's your who?'

I've been thinking about this recently as I try to formulate my who.  I stumbled upon an online quiz based on psychologist Carl Jung's archetypes.  Jung defined 12 primary types to symbolize basic human motivations, each of which has its own personality traits.  Most people have several archetypes, with one dominant one.  My dominant archetype was Explorer and my super power is Curiosity.  I thought this was pretty close to home as I love to travel and to try new things. 

Here I am - trying Bacon Pancake Strips at Al's Deli in Auckland

As the end of the year draws closer, I'll be spending more time reflecting on who I am and the person I want to be.  Why not try the quiz and let us know which archetype you fall into?

'What you seek, is seeking you' - Rumi


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