New year, new S-curve

Happy 2018!  New year, new goals!  I've updated my Bucketlist and created my #18for2018.  Self-care is a priority for 2018, and I plan to slow down and meditate more often.

Most excitingly, tomorrow I start in a new role.  I've worked within a similar environment for over 10 years.  I've met wonderful people and learned amazing things.  But the opportunity came up to try something different and I felt that it was the right time to 'disrupt' myself.

Inspired by Whitney Johnson, author of Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work and her Disrupt Yourself Podcast where she interviews a variety of people who have disrupted their lives in some way, I reflected on where I was on my career s-curve.

What is the s-curve?  In their article Understanding Your Career PathMaybusch define it as 'a map – like those floor plan directories in shopping malls with a big orange dot marked, “You are here”.'  You start out on your career at the bottom of the curve, 'drive' up and then reach saturation at the top.  Once there you can either stay and be comfortable or 'jump' onto a new s-curve.

So tomorrow, I jump!  It is scary and exciting and I look forward to the new adventure that it brings!  How will you disrupt yourself in 2018?

Staying in the comfort zone is easy, but greatness happens when you escape from it


Kit Reynard said…
Interesting ... good timing on this will give it a read - thanks!
Relax And Roam said…
Let me know what you think!

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