The Coromandel Peninsula is a wonderful place to escape to during the summer holidays.  Here are the 3 best cafes to retreat to before a lovely day at the beach...

1. Blackies, Whangamata
This lovely cafe is situated a few minutes away from the beach.  Serving takeaway coffees or beautiful brunches, Blackies is a treat.  We grabbed our cups and watched the waves go by.
Catching a wave in Whangamata

2. Hot Waves Cafe, Hot Water Beach
The best time to visit Hot Water Beach is within two hours of low tide.  The best time to visit Hot Waves Cafe is on your way to or from Hot Water Beach!  Lovely garden setting, great service.

3. Cafe Nina, Whitianga
Tucked away on Victoria Street, away from the hustle and bustle of the main shopping parade is Cafe Nina.  A great place to escape with a good book.


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