Podcasts about sleep

In my blog post The best self-care over the holidays-sleep, I talked about how sleep is an absolute must for self-care.  Here are some great podcasts about sleep.

1. What will be your spiritual wake up call?
Oprah speaks to Arianna Huffington about her change of perception of success and having a meaningful life.

2.  The brain benefits of deep sleep--and how to get more of it
Daniel Gartenberg is a sleep doctor and is interested in how to accurately track people’s sleep quality and alertness. 

3.  Freakonomics – The Economics of Sleep
This two part discussion of sleep explores a number of questions around our slumber.  Could a lack of sleep help explain why some people get much sicker than others?  Do people who sleep better earn more money?
Part 1
Part 2 

Did you know that koalas sleep up to 23 hours per day?


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