Conscious podcasts

I'm trying to live more consciously this month.  These podcasts discuss ideas on ways to live more sustainably.

1. Conscious Chatter
Conscious Chatter is a podcast about the potential impact connected to what we wear.

In episode 44, the host Kestrel is joined by Andrew Morgan, whose 2015 documentary The True Cost has become a go-to source for eye-opening information about the realities of the global fashion industry.

2. The Slow Home Podcast
Brooke McAlary immersed herself in the Slow Living philosophy after being diagnosed with severe post natal depression in 2011.  Over 2 years she decluttered more than 25,000 items.

In episode 19, Brooke talks to Rhonda Hetzel,  the author of two books on creating a slower, simpler home.

3. Becoming Your Best
Becoming your best is a leadership development podcast.  In this episode Steve interviews Courtney Carver, who created Project 333, a minimalist challenge where participants dress with 33 items or less for 3 months.


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