Making a difference

Social enterprises are purpose-driven organisations that trade to deliver social and environmental impact.  Here are three social enterprises, that make a big differences to the lives of the people they touch.

1.  Inuka
Dixon Chabanda is one of 12 psychiatrists in Zimbabwe - for a population of more than 16 million.  He started Inuka to help support people who need mental support.  Listen to his wonderful TED talk about the friendship bench and the impact it's had on many Zimbabweans.

Can we clean the plastic from the ocean and make a difference to the lives of the poor?  The Plastic Bank provides a consistent, above-market rate for plastic waste, thus incentivizing its collection. Individuals who gather the plastic can trade it for money, items or services.  The plastic collected through is then recycled.  Listen to the founder of the Plastic Bank, David Katz' TED talk.

Founded by 24 year old Salima Visram, Soular Backpack addresses a problem in rural Kenya where school children don't have access to electricity.  Soular creates backpacks with solar panels which provide electricity to school children so they can complete their homework at night.  In this Tedx Talk, Visram discusses children’s inability to stay in school and the work we can do to prevent this.

Do you know of any other social enterprises making a difference?  Please share by adding a comment below.


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