Commonwealth Games - Gold Coast 2018

The Commonwealth Games run from 4th April until 15th April.  They are being hosted in Australia's Gold Coast and will feature athletes from 71 nations competing in 25 sports.  I'm not very good at participating in team sports but I do love to watch them!!  The athletes have put so many hours into training for their events and their tenacity and determination is inspiring.

My favourite sports to watch are gymnastics and swimming.  This year beach volleyball makes its debut and I'm sure that'll be a hit with the fans too.

The Commonwealth is a collective of 53 nations who share common values and principles.  The Commonwealth Games brings together the member nations so that athletes can compete in a spirit of friendship and fair play.  The Commonwealth Games have been conducted every four years (apart from WWII) since the first British Empire Games were held in Canada in 1930.  

Gold Coast is renowned for it's beaches, especially Surfers Paradise, and it's beautiful national parks.  The warm weather throughout the year attracts tourists from near and far.  This is the perfect setting for an international competition.

Here's wishing all the athletes the very best, I'll be cheering you on all the way!

Commonwealth Games 2018
Photo Credit - Pixabay


Anonymous said…
I'm not very good at team sports but I enjoy watching so I'm looking forward to watching these games on television and wondering who will cheat ! This is becoming a regular feature in sport!

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