Three of the best house plants

I'm not one for greenfingers.  In fact I have a very sad history with ferns.  However I've found three house plants that seem to be thriving with little care required.  I've named them all - Lily, Tracey and Spike and love to have a chat with them everyday.  If you want to get a house plant that will thrive then these are for you!

Sansevieria (Mother-in-Law's tongue or snake plant)
The snake plant can actually grow indoors in low light or outside in bright light.  I actually bought one plant but after about six months I split it into two.  They just seem to get on with it which makes this the easiest plant in the world to care for.

Known for purifying the air, the dracaena comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns.  I have a small pot plant, but I have seen larger versions which look like small trees in nurseries.  They don't like too much water and I use fertiliser sticks every few months to keep 'Tracey' happy.

Peace Lily
I am so proud of 'Lily'.  She started out as a cutting that I got from my mum and is now a two foot beauty.  I love the way new leaves unfold from the old, this truly is a magical plant.  Lilies don't like too much water, and should only have a drink when the soil is dry.  They don't mind medium to low light.  In our house lily has pride of place by the front door so she is the first thing you see when you come in.

Three of the best house plants
Clockwise from top right - Dracaena, snake plant, Peace Lily


I'm not so great with plants (I managed to kill more than one peace lily in my time!) but I've got two Sanseveria that are absolutely thriving! They look so nice, I'm glad they manage to survive my less than green thumb
Relax And Roam said…
That’s so awesome Meagan. They’re so easy and great company 😊
Anonymous said…
I love the peace lily. The foliage on mine are great but they do not flower as those at the garden centres. What am I not doing to encourage lots of flowers?

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