3 wacky tourist attractions in New Zealand

Last Friday husband and I took a drive from Queenstown to Wanaka.  Wanaka is a beautifully scenic town set on Lake Wanaka and one of the most popular attractions is That Wanaka Tree, a lone willow which grows in the lake.  Husband wasn't best impressed though.  After we'd gotten lost trying to find it, when he eventually saw it he said 'is that it?' and started photographing a beautiful autumnal tree nearby.

3 wacky tourist attractions in New Zealand
That Wanaka Tree

It made me think of a couple of other wacky tourist attractions in New Zealand.  In Wellington, on Cuba Street there is a bucket fountain. Since 1969 this bright kinetic structure has taken pride of place among pedestrians.

Bucket Fountain

But my favourite wacky attraction is the Lemon and Paeroa bottle.  L&P is a lemon flavoured soft drink and a seven-metre bottle stands tall in Paeroa.  An obligatory photo with the bottle is a must!

3 wacky tourist attractions in New Zealand
Me with the L&P bottle


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