Podcasts about money

I've dedicated May to getting my personal finances in check.  Here are 3 of my favourite podcasts about money.

1. Cooking the Books with Frances Cook
This is a bitesize podcast, never longer than about 15 minutes, in which Frances Cook tackles financial issues topical in New Zealand such as the impact of politics on our investments and the pros and cons of being a first home buyer.

2.  The Pineapple Project
Claire Hooper hosts this great podcast which features different aspects of money, e.g. How to plan a wedding without going broke and You need an emergency fund.  Fun and full of useful information.

'Why pineapples? Because like money, they can be sweet. But they’re also a prick to deal with if you don’t know how to handle them.'

3. Bad With Money
Gaby Dunn is Bad with Money.  I'm only 3 episodes in and so far she's questioned her parents about money (turns out they're Bad with Money too), seen a financial psychologist and hidden her credit card bill from her boyfriend.

I like her casual way of addressing some of the bigger financial issues.

Podcasts about money
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